Available Versions … - Oh Norman Sales Training

Available Versions …

Available Versions To Suit Your Specific Needs

The “Oh Norman” Series is very successful, as they can be implemented in the specific way you want, not how the provider wants it!

  • Generic version (“Oh Norman” Modules from the shelf)
  • Customer adapted version (Customer specific logo, terminology / language and examples may be integrated into all “Oh Norman” Modules as a no cost option – please contact us for specifics)
  • Fully customized version (customer specific video & booklets – please contact us for specifics)
  • “Oh Norman” Series for non-English Speakers (Providing Sales Staff or Management/CEO’s a “Business English Training” with our Generic Version)
  • “Oh Norman” Web-based training: Modules delivered through our online/distance learning solution

Available Modules / Languages:

(EN=English, DE=German, FR=French, ES=Spanish, IT=Italian, NL=Dutch, RU=Russian, CH=Chinese); please ask for other languages.

Title In Hardware Training mode
available languages live online
Module 1: Fundamental Selling Skills EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, RU, CH EN, DE
Assessment Test Module 1: Fundamental Selling Skills EN, DE, FR, NL, IT EN, DE
Module 2: Advanced Selling Skills EN, DE, FR, IT DE
Module In-House-Sales / Communication on request EN, DE
Module 3: Selling to Different Customer Behaviors EN, DE, IT
Coaching Oh Norman 1: for managers EN, DE
Coaching Oh Norman 1: for sales people EN, DE
Module 4: Fundamental Negotiation Skills EN, DE
Module 5: Team Selling Skills 2017
Coaching Oh Norman 2: for managers / sales people on request
Module 6: Advanced Team Selling Skills 2017

All other languages please contact us!

Please check for availability and future releases with your local Global Partners distributor or contact: info(at)gpa-us.com or office(at)gpocs.com